Hésitante, indécise et lointaine

Early December, in Buenos Aires
A summer night, on the other hemisphere
She improvises to calm her heart
She goes far away to avoid her fears
No matter alone or accompanied
She's not having that much fun
She tries in vain to have some sense of decency
Dreaming of a life in color
Hesitant, undecided and distant
So fragile, yet honest when she smiles
She waltzed between pain and sorrow
But it was just her way of being
Far from the glamour of blockbusters
Of stories born for TV
She looks at lies with bitterness
And likes to imagine a life somewhere else
In the streets, she paces back and forth
Looking for a rush that used to be
A thrill gone forever
In a silent black and white movie.

Hémisphère, Paradis, 2012

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